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Total Tyre Control™ Web

The KLINGE™ Total Tyre Control™ Web is the latest addition to the Klinge Tyre management suite of software applications. A web-based application, that caters for complete tracking of tyres and their usage in any environment.

The software covers the creation and grouping of vehicles, creation of tyres and rims and a full entry capability to record removals, fitments and surveys (Tread depths and Pressures). Information regarding the fitments, tyre usage and statistics is displayed graphically to aid quick visual interpretation and the system has a vast number of reports to provide factual statistics including brand performance comparisons to enable decisions to be made on the basis of facts rather than on opinions.

'Online vs Pen and Paper': The KLINGE™ Total Tyre Control™ Web is also 'Smart Phone' and 'iPad/Tablet' enabled. This allows for the collection and data-entry of information to completed 'in-situ' at the source - i.e. when you are physically inspecting/surveying the vehicle. You can upload photographs for inclusion in the KLINGE™ Site Visit Report that is generated immediately for you before leaving the site. This report can be either printed there and then at the site on the customer's own printer, or emailed to the customer as desired. The KLINGE™ Site Visit Report includes sections detailing what activities you have completed during your visit, future tyre requirements for the customer's fleet and, of course the uploaded photographs to illustrate any relevant maintenance items that need to attended to, thereby increasing the likelihood of your securing the service work orders to get it done.

The KLINGE™ Total Tyre Control™ Web is a subscription-based license and does not require any software installation on your own hardware. The system is hosted by Klinge Holdings, who guarantee the security of your data, YOUR DATA, as opposed to any systems that are made available by Tyre Manufacturers who make claim on this data for their own use. Klinge and Co are an independent company not affiliated to any manufacturers whatsoever.

Klinge Holdings Pty Ltd

ABN: 67 300 474 043

Klinge Holdings is an independent, Australian company founded in 1971. The company has a broad range of expertise in the tyre industry. The company was jointly founded by Tom and Dianne Klinge (currently the executive directors). Together they have established with their team members a worldwide recognition as the leaders in Quality Tyre Management Control Systems And Services.


Because the company operates independent of tyre manufacturers, we are able to objectively recommend the best tyre for any given job, regardless of brand. This is done using our Tyre Management Systems.


One of our main goals is saving money for our clients by maintaining leader status in Tyre Management Systems that reduce Tyre Operating Costs, improve Tyre Related Safety and improve Vehicle / Fleet Production Rates.