Fully Hosted

The KLINGE™ Total Tyre Control™ Web is hosted by Klinge Holdings. This means that there is no requirement to install software on your hardware, all you need is Internet Access to get started.

  • No Software installation required
  • Internet access via any modern browser
  • Suitable for Desktop/Laptop computers, iPad or Tablet PC, Smart Phones including iPhones
  • Designed specifically for Tyre Dealers and Owner Operators
  • Leverages decades of experience in Tyre Management Systems from the world-leader: Klinge Holdings
KLINGE WebTyreSystem

Graphical User-Interface

Using our custom-designed Graphical User-Interface, it is very easy to instantly recognise the status and condition of vehicles and tyres in the system. Colours are used to indicate tread-remaining versus new tread depths and everywhere is a one-click operation to drill-down to the underlying detail.

For example, where the tyres fitted to a vehicle are displayed, all that is needed is to click the serial number of an individual fitment to be able to view the detailed history of that wheelpart. We use the term 'Wheelpart' to include both tyres and rims as the system will track just tyres or both tyres and rims should you wish.

During any data-recording activity, it is possible to create supporting data without interrupting the flow of the activity. For example, creation of a new, previously unknown tyre-specification can be achieved during the creation of a new tyre in the system.

The KLINGE™ Total Tyre Control™ Web App includes a comprehensive Reporting Suite capable of creating reports in many formats and includes friendly data-export utilities.

  • Tyres Only or Tyres and Rims
  • One-Click navigation
  • Ability to create supporting data 'on-the-fly'
  • Comprehensive Data-Analysis Reporting Suite
KLINGE™ Total Tyre Control™ Web App

Supports Mobile Devices

The KLINGE™ Total Tyre Control™ Web App is fully 'Mobile' enabled. Collect and enter data at the point of collection rather than using the tired method of pen and paper. We call this 'Online vs Pen and Paper' and provide all the tools you need to achieve this.

During your site-visits to your customers, you can record vehicle surveys, pressure checks, new vehicles and recommended maintenance items to keep your system up to date. At the conclusion of your site-visit, the system will create your 'Site-Visit Report' that includes details of your surveys and inspections, the current status of your customer's fleet and inventory, their up-coming future requirements for replacement tyres in addition to the maintenance items that need to be addressed.

Using this report you can manage your customer's needs; providing your customer with the information needed to plan future purchases and service needs. All this is achieved there and then at the site before you leave. The report is generated automatically by the software with the ability to be printed at the site or emailed to the customer. The report highlights your professional approach to your customers and indicates to them your level of commitment to the management of their tyre resources.

  • 'Online vs Pen and Paper': Collect and enter data in one operation
  • Professional Customer Relationship Management
  • Site Visit Report: Generated with automatic, factual content
  • Plan future purchases and service requirements